Abdomen protocols:

CT/MRI Abdomen

  1. CT abdomen and pelvis with oral and IV contrast: Abdominal pain, appendicitis. Acute trauma can be performed with just IV contrast.
  2. Renal colic/stone protocol (noncontrast): looking for renal stones
  3. Triphasic CT abdomen: Non-contrast abdomen, Arterial phase abdomen, venous phase abdomen and pelvis: Looking for liver/renal/adrenal masses
  4. CT angiogram: Aorta or Kidney
  5. CT Urogram: Hematauria workup. Concern stone vs. neoplasm, replaces IVP. Non-contrast CT abdomen. Contrast is injected to fill the collecting systems/bladder. Then contrast injected to evaluate the kidneys and whole abdomen and pelvis scanned.
  6. MRI Liver, Kidney, or Adrenal: Always performed with contrast. Evaluate masses or cysts.
  7. MR Cholangiogram: Non-contrast MR of the biliary system. Looks for stones, stenosis, or obstruction.
  8. MRI Pelvis for soft tissue mass: Pelvic or uterine masses. Performed with contrast.

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