Musculoskeletal CT and MRI protocols: 

Radiographs are recommended prior to MRI as somethings cannot be seen on MRI such as chondrocalcinosis, calcific tendonitis and lesion margin evaluation.

  1. MRI shoulder: Chronic shoulder pain, concern for rotator cuff, labral tears, or soft tissue problems.
  2. CT shoulder: Acute trauma or Non-MRI compatible patients. Looks mainly at bones. Can be performed with arthrogram.
  3. CT hip: Acute trauma
  4. MRI Pelvis: Without contrast. To look for fracture, osteonecrosis, labral tears. If concern for mass or osteonecrosis use contrast.
  5. CT pelvis: Acute trauma
  6. MRI Knee: Without contrast. Best for most knee problems.
  7. CT knee: Acute trauma, can be considered for chronic pain but of limited value.
  8. CT Ankle:  Acute trauma.
  9.  MRI ankle: Chronic pain. Concern for ligament or tendon injury. Osteonecrosis of the talus.
  10. MRI tibia/fibula: Shin splints/fracture without contrast. Soft tissue mass/osseous mass perform with contrast.
  11. MRI SI joints/Sacrum: Sacral pain/SI joint Pain

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